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Welcome to our Drum Cases website!

We have this website to assist you the percussionist or gigging drummer who needs advice on picking the right type of cases to protect your investment.

There are a bunch of great drum cases manufacturers out there like, gator, skb, enduro, protection racket and humes and berg....just to name a few.

You will also need to decide on what type of cases are best for your situation. Do you need hard cases, soft bag cases, custom cases, cymbal bags, anvil flight cases, trap cases? Don't forget cases for any rack components, drum machines....and your sticks!

To help you to find the these cases, we have created specialty eBay searches to speed up the process and help you to decide on what cases are within your budget.



Snare Drum Bags

Drum Flight Cases

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Drum Cases is our website to help assist drummers with finding the right cases for their transport needs. There are so many different vendors for cases like, Anvil, Beato, Gator, Gig Skinz, Impact Protection Racket, Remo, Stagg and Wolfpak to name a few. We are not affiliated with any of these drum cases companies, and just provide their products as a sevice to our drumming friends. Check with us if you need help sizing up drums or need packing/shipping suggestions.

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